As I continue my journey into the hellish pit of the underground horror/gore community I have discovered some absolute gems and Lucky Cerruti’s short horror film Kindness of Strangers certainly was one of them.

A 34 minute film that builds up an uncomfortable and unsettling tension before unleashing an almighty hell on the viewer. We follow young couple John and Sarah as they travel out of town to arrange their upcoming wedding. They choose to use an online app to find a house to stay in for a few nights. They discover Gail who provides a very welcoming albeit slightly creepy atmosphere to their stay. On their last night John ventures to the basement to get a new light bulb for the one that blew in the bathroom. He is ambushed by Gail’s son and then further attacked by her husband. The twist being that Gail had earlier told the couple that both her son and husband were dead.

Sarah ventures out to look for him and meets a similar fate. What proceeds is a very well filmed torture sequence with great gore effects (especially the hand carving part). After John is disemboweled, Sarah manages to escape and kills the son with a hammer (cue a great gore shot of a mashed up face).

There is a good twist at the end that I won’t spoil but overall this was a brilliant, short film that had great performances (especially Lonnie Ford as the maniac husband Mike) and had some very effective gore effects. The camerawork, editing and musical composure was on par with any big Hollywood production. Director Lucky Cerruti is a talent to watch and I cannot wait for his and his company Dead Vision Productions next film!


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